Thursday, July 20, 2017

Acceptance Package

Last semester I was commissioned to illustrate the Acceptance Package for Ringling College of Art & Design. I had the opportunity to work with graphic designer, Olivia Strohm, a recent 2017 Ringling graduate. She envisioned the package concept and theme, which was to have each item in the package - the box, envelope, lanyard, cloisonné pin, poster, sketchbook and pencil case - illustrated with just black lines so that students can color them in.

While coming up with a concept for what to illustrate, I decided to take inspiration from Florida's unique landscape and animals. I remember when I first moved to Florida, I was awestruck by the beautiful clouds. There may not be any mountains in Florida, but there are mountains made of clouds! And they are epic and beautiful (yes I am a proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society ;)

Florida is also unique because of the alligators, manatees, iguanas, wading birds, etc. These creatures are so fascinating to see in the wild, and make great subject matter.

Below are a few sketches and the final line drawings:



I also went through several versions of the poster and really love the way it turned out:

Thanks for reading!