Thursday, July 20, 2017

Acceptance Package

Last semester I was commissioned to illustrate the Acceptance Package for Ringling College of Art & Design. I had the opportunity to work with graphic designer, Olivia Strohm, a recent 2017 Ringling graduate. She envisioned the package concept and theme, which was to have each item in the package - the box, envelope, lanyard, cloisonné pin, poster, sketchbook and pencil case - illustrated with just black lines so that students can color them in.

While coming up with a concept for what to illustrate, I decided to take inspiration from Florida's unique landscape and animals. I remember when I first moved to Florida, I was awestruck by the beautiful clouds. There may not be any mountains in Florida, but there are mountains made of clouds! And they are epic and beautiful (yes I am a proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society ;)

Florida is also unique because of the alligators, manatees, iguanas, wading birds, etc. These creatures are so fascinating to see in the wild, and make great subject matter.

Below are a few sketches and the final line drawings:



I also went through several versions of the poster and really love the way it turned out:

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Thursday, February 9, 2017


2017 is off to a great start with SCBWI conferences! I just returned from the regional conference in Miami, and will be attending the NYC conference for the first time in February!

I'm posting a few of my sketchbook pages which contain the inspirational tidbits that keep me going. I was so inspired by Jane Yolen. Not only is she creatively prolific, she's also a wonderful speaker. She shared a lot of wisdom on writing and life.  

I also enjoyed listening to illustrator, Mark Teague, talk about where he finds inspiration, and how he approaches an assignment. It was exciting to get a sneak peak at his new book, which is a creative spin on Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Lastly, Jacquelyn Mitchard gave a fascinating keynote on book titles. I think out of ALL the SCBWI conferences I've been to, this was the first talk given on the subject. Considering how important titles are, one would think it would be talked about a lot. She noted that many many books drew inspiration from the Bible. She shared how many titles also underwent last-minute title changes before being published. 

Somehow I had a lucky streak at this conference. I won the early bird registration draw and got a free portfolio critique. Then, for the Saturday night ball (themed "Kid-Lit Rockstar") I dressed up as Joan Jett because I love rock and roll. There were two other conference attendees also dressed as Joan Jett, so together we strutted our stuff for the judges and ended up winning the costume contest! So that was another free portfolio critique ;) Then lastly, I won second place for the Rising Kite Illustration contest (image below). The contest consisted of illustration the prompt, "Finally, Ping kept up with the other". My idea was inspired by a recent trip to Montana, where I spotted a few mountain goats who unknowingly became my muses. 

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