Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Doomsday Clock

Hey there! I wanted to share a new painting I made for a group show called "Time Machine" at The Hive Gallery in L.A. The inspiration behind this painting came from an article in the WSJ about the "Doomsday Clock". Apparently, this symbolic clock was created by scientists to represent how close we might be to global destruction. The closer the hand gets to midnight, the closer we are to catastrophe. Currently it is set at 3 minutes to midnight. Interesting!

My painting depicts Father Time creating a portal with his beard, into which he is summoning the children so they can turn back the hands of time and save the world.

I also made a black and white painting which shows the next scene inside the portal, where they discover Father Time's missing eyeballs (which of course are clocks!)

Both paintings were created using gouache on illustration board.