Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cardinal Christmas

I'm making new work for an upcoming holiday show and was recently inspired by a story a friend told me about Cardinals, and how they appear to some people as signs of hope during dark times.

So, the beautiful red bird found its way into my first painting for the show. This is painted in gouache, 11x14.


I've been exploring acrylic gouache lately and I think I like it more than oil painting. Yes, I can't believe I just said that, but for illustration work, it is true in my case. I repainted this image to see the difference and I like it SO much better, not to mention it was about 5x faster.

I really am drawn to the velvety matte finish, how it covers the paper quickly with nice flat color, how it dries in 10 seconds or less allowing one to see the painting develop quickly and gauge progress. It's easy to paint from dark to light just like oil, and best of all I don't get all caught up in blending it to death. It's actually great for making design shapes and motifs, which creates a nice optical blending.

So, onward with the gouache painting I go!