Sunday, April 26, 2015

Game of Thrones and Other Inspiration

I've recently been binge watching the Game of Thrones series, thanks to a few friends and students who insisted I watch it, loaning me all 4 seasons. "You'll love it!" they exclaimed. "It's fantasy, with sword-fighting and dragons!" 

They know me too well. 

To abate my guilty pleasure of staying up late and watching one episode after another (did I mention that they only loaned me the DVDs for 2 weeks? I've had to catch up quickly) I decided I would at least be somewhat productive and sketch the characters. So here are two pages from my giant Moleskine of characters inspired by Game of Thrones (notice how everyone looks either angry, depressed, or miserable in some fashion...)

Other inspiration this week has come to me in the form of a picture book:

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