Sunday, April 26, 2015


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have signed on with Christy Ewers of CATugeau Artist Agency! Check it out!

How did this happen?

Back in February, I had an opportunity to attend a free SCBWI workshop with Christy's mom, agent and founder of CATugeau, Christina Tugeau. Attending that event had a lot to do with finally finding the right agent for my work. At the workshop, Chris gave an overview of the agency, discussed the publishing industry and provided plenty of tips on how to assemble a strong portfolio. Then she reviewed everyone's portfolio, which was a great learning experience for us all. Somehow, my work caught Chris' attention and she shared it with Christy, and it resonated with her as well!

Not long after, we were talking on the phone discussing representation. One thing that sealed the deal for me was when I asked Christy what she liked about my work. She proceeded to describe (without me saying a word) exactly what I love to do, and what I've been striving to achieve and pursue with each illustration. In other words, she totally gets my artistic vision!! And even more amazing, she sees market potential with the publishing genres I've been pursuing. Nothing could be more exciting than that!

It's truly an honor to join the CATugeau family. I'm so excited for what this new step in my career will bring!
A quick sketch of Christina reviewing portfolios at the SCBWI workshop.

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