Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Of Trees, Bees, and Poison

I've finished up a few new illustrations for story ideas that have been in my head. This one is for a middle grade novel idea tentatively titled Queen Dagmar and the Battle for Treethrone. I had developed this cover concept a while ago and actually had a critique on it at the last SCBWI conference I went to. It was decided that the main character needed to look less stylized, so I went back in and reworked her expression and redesigned the crown (my friend Kayla modeled for me - thanks, Kayla!) The finished result is a "tradigital" piece, combining an oil painting with digital touches. 

This next illustration evolved quite a bit. I'm calling it The Poison Gathering...that title will definitely change at some point! But for now...yeah. It's an idea about two chemists on a journey to find a "good poison". Inspiration unexpectedly came from George Macdonald's short story "The Golden Key". The final is digital.

I'm working on a couple more new illustrations for the upcoming SCBWI Miami conference. Hopefully someday soon I'll sit down and outline these pictures into books!

Thanks for reading!

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