Friday, June 27, 2014

YA Muses muse on Storybird

Here's a really great blog post from author of Some Pig in the City, Jodi Kendall, about Storybird. She does a great job of summarizing everything. Check it out!

Summertime Stuff

Hello! It's summertime! Hope you are having a lovely one so far...

Just a quick update here:
Things are much different this time around compared to summers in the past. I usually go home to California, but this time I bought a house in Florida and have decided to stay here to fix it up and teach PreCollege at Ringling (which starts on Monday!)

I've been working on a few freelance projects too, the first being Some Pig in the City, written by Jodi Kendall (which is a serialized project where new chapters and artwork post every two weeks (it should wrap up in August) and an early reader book titled No Cookies For You published by Heinemann Young Readers.

So things are quite busy and exciting! The above illustration is an in-progress sample from the No Cookies book. I've been working digitally for both assignments. For PreCollege, I'll be teaching Illustration and Painting, which will be a nice excuse for me to switch back over the the pen nibs and paintbrushes for a while! I'll post demos if I get a chance.

Thanks for reading!