Saturday, April 26, 2014

Panera People

Annika in Reclining Pose

Here's a snapshot of another 3-hour oil study from this weekend's figure painting session. 

This was a pretty challenging setup. All the values were mid to low key and I had to really push for contrast. I initially started out just wanting to do a hand study, but there were so many lost edges that 5 minutes into it I started over (because I could tell it was gonna look like a blob) and decided to take on the whole pose. Glad I did because it was more fun and turned out way better than I anticipated. 

I love getting to retreat for 3 hours and paint the figure. It's so fun sitting in silence with a few friends, just painting away. I feel so recharged!! Going to need the energy for this LAST WEEK of SCHOOL!

Excited ;)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Storybird Collaboration


I finally get to share with you some artwork I've been making behind the scenes! 

I've been collaborating with my talented writer friend, Jodi Kendall (check out her site at and the talented editor Molly O'neil from Storybird (the same editor who discovered and edited Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy!)

Storybird commissioned 10 writers and illustrators (hence, Jodi and me) to help launch their new longform book platform. What is that, you might ask? To give it some context, is an exciting new way of being creative. It's an online image archive/social community/young readers library where people can go to write stories inspired by beautiful artwork, comment and discuss ideas, and read picture books and chapter books. The chapter books are the newest edition, aka longform books. Jodi has written an inspiring, charming book titled Some Pig in the City. A new chapter posts every two weeks with illustrations. 

So, I am joyously sharing with you the cover for Some Pig in the City, along with a few close-up details, and how the platform looks on an iPad. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Agnus Dei

This is a study I did maybe a year or so ago from a postcard that a friend sent me from the Prado museum in Madrid. It's titled Agnus Dei, by Zurbaran. It means "Lamb of God". Thought I'd repost it for this year's Easter.

I was experimenting with Golden's open acrylics, which is why there are paint dabs up above.

Portrait of Annika

Being an illustrator and teacher, it's not often that I get to paint from a live model. I'm usually working from photo reference or out of my head. But, luckily, I had an art education based in observational drawing and painting that has stuck with me.

That's why this weekend I was excited to have the opportunity to paint Annika, one of Ringling College's models. Here's a 3-hour oil painting on canvas board.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring 2014 Demo Night at Ringling

Hello again! I'm back!

Well, sort of. There are 4 weeks left of Spring semester and so it's a bit frantic, but things have been going great!

I have some drawings that I can finally share online. These were for Demo Night this past Tuesday at Ringling College. I demoed how I create all of my black and white spot illustrations. Like these two fellas:

Technique is charcoal pencil on hot press watercolor paper. It's quick, versatile, and looks great when printed. Try it!!