Saturday, September 28, 2013

Paolo's Brick in Color

Hey, so here it is! The finished oil painting that I started for Demo Night.
The process went like this:

I started with a charcoal drawing, which was originally created as a interior spot illustration.
Then, I did a color study in photoshop on top of the charcoal drawing, which I had printed out on thick matte photo paper. Next I spray mounted the print onto double-thick hot press illustration board and sealed it with acrylic matte medium.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anteater in Color

Here's a color version of the Anteater! Can't think of much else to say about it right now...besides "continuous forward motion!" This is just one in the line up of my ABC animals. I started this painting as a demo for Ringling's Demo Night, and then finished it up later in my studio. Looking at it now, I want to keep layering on a few more colors to separate his fur color from the ground. I think it'd be more fun if the fur was an exaggerated color, like a little more red-violet or something. We shall see!

Oil on illustration board.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wee 'Lil Bandicoot in Color

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

This past Tuesday was Demo Night at Ringling College, where all the Illustration faculty set up and do demos for students. It's a really fun event organized by the students, and there's always a great turnout from a variety of majors, not just illustration.

I brought a few paintings in progress to demo. This one here I had finished to give an example of what the final painting would look like. I'm going to be finishing up the other two demos this weekend and posting them along with a few pics from the night.

The wee 'lil Bandicoot here was painted in oil on illustration board.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

B as in Bandicoot, mate!

Going with the same flower theme, my next animal of choice was the Eastern Barred Bandicoot from Australia. They are kind of like rabbit rats. Their main feature is a long dainty snout that tapers into a point, and stripes on their rump.

I've also been working on drawings of a Binturong, aka bearcat. It's so hard to choose which "B" animal to draw! I think I should move ahead to the letter "C" and then come back and post the Binturong when he's done.

For "C", I'm thinking Capybara....