Saturday, August 24, 2013

A is for....Anteater.

Hello there!

It's August, and it's thundering outside. Perfect weather for creative thinking! And, the power just went out. GREAT!! Now I can work by candlelight. Ooo wait, it's back on. Earlier I witnessed the powerline across the street sparkle like it was the fourth of July. 

While weather is always an interesting topic, I really wanted to share a few projects in the works. I've come up with a self-directed project to generate ideas, develop my writing and keep up drawing practice. Inspired by Jannie Ho's workshop at the L.A. SCBWI conference, I am doing a fun self-directed ABC animal project. Jannie mentioned it's a great way to show publishers you can draw all kinds of animals. I plan on doing a few rare species along with common animals. So far, I've done "A" :D Next is either Bandicoot or Binturong. Maybe I should do a Bear too just because. 

In addition, today I attended a workshop in Tampa presented by author, Sandra Markle. She has published over 200 books for children, the majority of them nonfiction. She shared all about this market niche and how it can be really fun to write "true stories". Indeed, it does look like a lot of fun. I love to research and learn new things, so I've decided, as an exercise, to write a little true story for each ABC animal as I go. 

I'm also making progress on a middle-grade novel inspired by my trip to the Sierra Nevadas this summer. I signed up for a "How to Revise" workshop which takes place in a few weeks, so better make sure I have something to actually revise :)

Signing off. Hurray for continuous forward motion!

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