Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Queen Dagmar Color Study

Ok! Here's a digital painting study for the Queen Dagmar cover that I plan on creating in oil. I was thinking maybe I could finish in time to put this digital painting in my portfolio...but I'd rather wait and make a final oil painting instead.

This year I've really tried to focus my range of media and make things look more consistent - no digital, no gouache, no acrylics. All I'm showing are pastel and oil for colored covers, and charcoal for black and white because those are my favs!  There's still some last minute prepping to do - researching all the faculty who are speaking, figure out what in the world to wear to the costume gala, and rehearse my elevator pitch.

Can't wait to get started and spend the weekend hanging with a crowd of 1,000+ people who understand this creative endeavor. My mind and heart are open to listen and learn!

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