Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Backcountry Color Sketches 2013

Hello! Here are the sketches I made while out in the backcountry. I had to pack light so I only brought a pocket-sized watercolor Moleskine book, two water brush pens, a black writing pen, and an Altoid box with gouache paint. I altered my approach and used gouache transparently or opaquely depending on how much time I had to spend. 

Lots of interesting camp equipment to observe while sitting around the campfire. 

The stock grazing in the meadow by our campsite.

A view of Lake Evelyn from inside the forest trees.

One warm day, I waded through the creek and found a rock in the shade.

Our friend Monica taught us how to gather firewood.

Campfire study

Horse and Mule portraits!

Path across the creek where we would get our water

A marmot lives in these rocks

Giant Sequoia

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