Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ok! Finally done!

Here is the Underworlds cover, only oil on panel instead of pastel. I actually created an entire version of this in pastel, but then decided I did not like the way it looked, so I busted out the oils!! I love oils. You can paint over anything, anytime! I love how it holds brushwork texture and can can create a variety of effects, especailly with the use of a painting medium.

Pastel is fun but tricky. The paper can only hold so much pastel, making revisions and color glazing a major challenge. Plus, there are only a limited number of colors, meaning you have to layer them in order to mix. So after layer upon layer, the paper just won't hold any more! (and this is with several coats of workable fixative in between. If anyone has any tips for working this medium a different way, please leave me some tip comments! I've tried the Mi Tientes Touch paper, which is like sandpaper, but I find that it grinds through my pastel sticks too fast and creates a LOT of dust.

Looks like I will be switching back to oils for a while, which is good.

Other news:
I was contacted by Cobblestone Magazine this morning to illustrate a spread in their upcoming Nov/Dec issue. I'll be working on that this week, although I'm not allowed to post any artwork until it publishes. So in the meantime, I'll try to post another day in NYC and some cover sketches.

Thanks for reading!!

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