Thursday, June 6, 2013

NYC - Day 4

On the upper east side of Manhattan, along Central Park, there are several museums in a row known as "museum mile" (more like museum marathon).

This was a BIG day for me because all these museums had been on my bucket list for years. I hit the Guggenheim, The Frick Collection, The Met (again) and the MoMA. I was staying with a friend on the upper west side, so I had to cut across Central Park. It was cold and drizzly, but people were out exercising (crazy New Yorkers!)

Here are some highlights:

Central Park

The Guggenheim

Unfortunately the spiral staircase was closed for maintenance (or they were installing an exhibition, I can't remember what the guard said). The art in their permanent collection is mostly design and color abstraction. For some reason this museum had a lot of foreign tourists (I forgot I was in my own country). Strangely, the main thing I noticed here is that GREEN PANTS are really the trend. I saw at least 10 people (men, women and children) wearing Leprechaun green pants.

The Frick Collection

I really enjoyed this museum!
It was rainy and yet there was a huge line to get in during the afternoon. Found out later that between 1-3pm it was "pay what you wish" instead of $25. I got in for a buck :)

Before they told me not to take pictures, I snapped a shot of this wall painting because I couldn't get over
how BAD the anatomy of this child is. 


This museum was packed. Everyone wanted to see Starry Night. I almost protested when I saw people walking right by Wyeth's Christina's World, which was hanging on a side wall with no spot light on it.

Matisse's fans

Get out of the way people!!
Vincent the man

White canvas with a stripe. Did I really need to take a photo of this?

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