Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chop Chop! I cut off my hair!


I've always had long hair ever since I had a say in the matter (the exception being my long bowl cut in preschool, but that was not my doing). However, last Wednesday I decided it was time for a change...

I chopped off my long hair into a pixie cut!! 

The idea had crossed my mind months ago - in fact the thought is documented in a tweet I posted one late night while contemplating life. I had asked myself why do I bother with long hair when all I ever do is wear it up? Granted, I wore it down occasionally, but it always bugged me. The tangles, the frizzies, the weight, the heat, the straightening and curling and blowdrying - UGH. After a while I began to default into a no-maintenance ponytail or bun. And I wore it like this for years!!  

Until one day last week, I was just over it. Just like that. Over it!! I called up my friend who is a hairdresser to make an appointment. Sitting in the salon chair, she put my hair in two ponytails and with scissors in hand, said "Ok, I'm going to cut!" CHOP! CHOP! I was past the point of no return and very happy about it. The experience was an adrenaline rush - very exciting to do something drastic, yet not too risky because luckily, hair grows back.

I have no regrets, haven't shed a single tear, and have yet to say I miss my long hair - because I don't! I love having short hair!! It's so easy to wash, to style, to drive with the windows rolled down and not have pieces of hair flapping in your face or blinding your vision. It's just wonderful :)


SA Matheson said...

Looks good, and hey! It's uber-practical! But, let's face it, you'd look good in a crew-cut! =)

Anonymous said...

Natural red, or ash blonde hair such as you have should never be cut, period! LOL It slays men, frankly, and I'm a man... You're a woman, so you won't understand. Be well!