Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fall Break Update

Hello there ;)

November is almost over! I am grateful to have spent Thanksgiving celebrating with new friends here in Florida, and working tirelessly on my most recent illustration project, a middle-grade fiction book written by New York based author, Paul Maguire. Having a solid block of time like this to work has been so fulfilling!!! Thank goodness for Fall break, it always happens in the nick of time, saving students and faculty from mental meltdowns. Only 3 more class meetings this semester. I can't believe it! The months have flown by! I must be having fun ;)

The main character, Bobby, from my current book project

A line drawing from the book

A few things are coming up in December. The first is Miami Basel. I've wanted to go ever since learning about this show when I took Contemporary Theory at Cal State Fullerton, which covered info about the art market, the biggest names, shows, and postmodern art. I'm hoping I can make it down to Miami to check it out. If i do, it's going to be an intense, long day (8 hours of driving). Another event I'm looking forward to is the Winter formal cocktail party for Ringling faculty and staff. I finally have a legit excuse to go shopping and dress up all fancy. It's going to be fun!

December is going to be even more busy than November. Of course the semester is coming to a close, so there will be final projects to grade and meetings to attend, but I also have a few deadlines creeping up. I need to make a painting for the Eire & England show at Laguna College of Art & Design, finish a huge Christmas present painting for my Mom, and also finish the book illustration project. And somehow in the middle of it all I'll be coming home to California for 2 weeks (which I am really excited about - can't wait to see my family and friends, the cold waves of the Pacific ocean, and the glorious snowcapped mountains!!!) So, lots of things to look forward to and work towards which always keeps me going. :D