Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here's a study of a sketch I did for a story called Truth or Dairy.
I'm going to experiment with a few different techniques: first, try just a digitally rendered style, then I'm going to try a flat graphic style, and then I want to try printing out a digital underpainting and finishing it traditionally to see what look I like best.

What do you think so far? I am going to print this image out and paint on top in acrylic, adding texture, sharper edges and highlights. 


Mellownoiz said...

Hiiii Teacher its me Kristineee :D
I think it'd be fun to try out each style. Is this one the purely digital one? It almost looks trad already >.> It has alot of texture, I guess that's why I think so. If you print it out and paint on it, what would you use as paper so that it won't warp as you paint :O? (I guess I'm thinking of an actual print @_@ )

Katy Betz said...

Hi Kristine!!! This is purely digital. I did overlay a few photo textures on top to get rid of that "pixel smear" look. To paint traditionally on top of a print, I use matte photo paper (it is thicker) and mount it to illustration board using acrylic matte gel as a collage glue. That way the paper won't warp and the print is sealed under the gel.