Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updates Galore

The past 15 days since my last post have blasted by! I can proudly announce one of the highest points: I graduated! That's right, I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree.

 In other news, I recently sculpted a pair of jackass penguins (that's their actual name...) to go on top of a wedding cake. They're made out of Super Sculpey, wire, and acrylic paint. I quite enjoyed this project, it was fun to do something completely different and out of the ordinary.

More Updates:
I uploaded my Guardians of the Heart series onto Behance. What a cool website! Very streamlined, it was fun to build a portfolio. Check it out!

A few of my art buddies started a group sketch blog on Tumblr. We post a new sketch every Monday night, and a finished illustration every last Monday of the month. It's been a great motivator and way of staying in touch. Visit the June Collective to see what I'm talking about.

I am really excited about an upcoming opportunity with the St. Regis Monarch hotel in Dana Point, CA. They have invited artists to paint on their premises during the busiest hours at the hotel, to "entertain" guests, and also network and gain exposure. I have signed up for 6 weekends! The place looks like a palace, and I will be smack dab in the primo location - the Center Lawn Gazebo. See that big round thing with the pillars? I'll be sitting in the middle there on my stool with easels,  brushes, and a perpetual grin on my face. I have a view of the pool, the fountain, the golf course, and the ocean.

Le sigh.

The month of June has a lot of activities. Two big fundraising events are taking place: Collector's Choice at Laguna College of Art & Design, and Sea No Evil at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium. I've donated to both causes and will be in attendance. Very excited!

My friend Lauren Gallegos (an awesome kid's book illustrator!!) and I are sharing a table at a little grassroots concert/exhibition hosted at a church in Riverside. For more info, visit the blog
"Within Radius".  

Just received an email notification that I've been inducted into the FAE Team...that is, The Fantasy Artists of Etsy. I paint unicorns, therefore, I am eligible. =) If you paint similar stuff, you should team up with us! Check out the FAE blog.

Ok, also in June is the first of 3 programs that I've been planning for the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles. Created especially for students who desire to become artist entrepreneurs, this series is called "Baby Steps 1, 2, 3" and covers 1. Web Presence and Social Marketing, 2. Setting Up Shop, and 3. Money Matters. I just confirmed today our three panelists for Baby Step #1: Cliff Cramp, Kim Dwinell, and Marilyn Scott Waters. These artists have successfully developed their own brands, products, businesses, and have channeled the internet to receive jobs. They are going to be sharing tips, anecdotes, and insights on how to set up your own art-producing, money-making business.  The program kicks off on Saturday, June 25th, at 2pm in the Sherman Oaks Galleria room. Contact me for more info!

During the last week of June, I'll be teaching a 5 day workshop called "Storybook from Scratch" at Anneliese Elementary School in Laguna Beach. I am very excited to be on campus here, the school is simply magical and the kids are exceptionally bright! Fun stuff ahead!

Mixed into all this mix will be some artistic outings, there are a few MFA shows I'll be attending in Santa Monica. Daily I've been doing my Lynda.com tutorials and sketching. Soon I'll be updating my website with a whole new portfolio system. Check back for updates on this as the summer progresses!

Thanks for reading and staying in touch!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here's a study of a sketch I did for a story called Truth or Dairy.
I'm going to experiment with a few different techniques: first, try just a digitally rendered style, then I'm going to try a flat graphic style, and then I want to try printing out a digital underpainting and finishing it traditionally to see what look I like best.

What do you think so far? I am going to print this image out and paint on top in acrylic, adding texture, sharper edges and highlights.