Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Vision Come to Fruition

I think it's gotta be the best feeling in the world to have an idea and then see it come into existence. It's been said the artist's greatest struggle is to never be able to recreate the vision in physical form the way they see it in their mind. To be honest, I don't always see it THAT clearly in my mind, so sometimes when it comes into existence it's better than what I imagined.

This new painting came together pretty fast, and I think it's because I took the time to do an oil study. There are 6 weeks before my grad show and I have several ideas that need to be brought to life! I hope the physical work will outdo my imagination, so that the world can enjoy an even better glimpse of what I see in my mind's eye. ;)


Alice Young said...

The painting looks very luminous. Did you use a glazing method?

Katy Betz said...

Yes, I sure did! I usually start direct method wet-into-wet, then once that dries use a combo of glazing (with Liquin) and dry brush scumbling to get the look I want. :)