Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goooood morning!

It's foggy outside - likely to rain - and I am feeling inspired to stay inside and make some oil paintings!!!

Quick update on everything:
1. I'm in the process of curating my grad show. Had a meeting yesterday to determine which pieces/how many should be hung, and this week I'll be getting them framed. Exciting!
2. Painting as much as possible before the show so I can include more pieces from the Unicorn & Rainbows series. Meanwhile, I'm writing character bios and developing a basic storyline. I'd like to hire a writer and pitch the project to a publisher or network at some point.
3. Viva La Art! is in the process of pitching their "Artist's Signature" line to retail stores. They were in Vegas this past weekend promoting it all. I created a design for their t-shirt line and am anxiously awaiting to hear how the trade show went.

I'll be posting some studies and sketches soon. Lot's of things in the development stage =) Fun!

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