Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thesis is DUE on MONDAY!

I am in awe that in one week I'll be done writing my Graduate thesis! The experience wasn't nearly as bad as people said. But, considering that my research process took about 6 months, all the hard work is now one big blur. I just remember there were about 8 solid weekends of typing and editing. So, can you guess what my topic is by looking at this stack of books?

The topic is on postmodern irony vs. sincerity in religious-themed artwork, as seen through an analysis of two exhibitions curated in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks: 100 Artists See God & 100 Artists See Satan. I argue that a cultural shift is taking place in favor of sincerity thanks to Stuckism, Remodernism, and Post-Postmodernism (movements that balance irony with sincerity through methods of originality, nostalgia, and personal conviction.) It's about 35 pages.

Oh joy! Can't wait to hand this sucker in!! By the way - our professor is having us meet at a Hookah bar on the day it's due!? Go figure!