Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Retreat to Idyllwild

I get this crazy urge to go to the mountains each time another year comes to a close. I think it helps give me space to see everything that happened over the year, to reflect on the blessings and the things I need to improve. Knowing that another rainstorm was coming, I decided NOW was the time to go, otherwise there'd be no way of getting up the hill with all the fresh snow.

So, I spent yesterday by myself in the little artsy village of Idyllwild, CA. It was a perfectly clear and sunny day! I did some post-Christmas shopping, enjoyed a latte while staring up at the Tahquitz monolith pondering all sorts of things. I checked out the Idyllwild Arts Academy (a huge forest campus for high school kids) then went for a hike at Idyllwild park. It always seems to happen that I miss the trail and go an extra few miles out of my way...the total hike ended up being an hour longer than intended and I was practically running down trail to get back to my car before sundown! It was a fun adventure the whole day long, and I feel quite refreshed from the clean air, rugged tree bark and rocks, soft pine needles underfoot and glittering snowdrops. Here are some pics:

 I stopped at a turnout on the drive up and snapped this picture. Amazing visibility!

 Tahquitz peak!

 Festive flags in the village

 There was snow on the trail!

The summit trail took me alll the way to the top before dropping back down into the forest (the unintended extra hour was visually rewarding)

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