Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For Sanity's Sake

 It's Wednesday, it's winter, and I am finally free to hide out in my studio and create! This first day of freedom from school will be spent reflecting on the work that I did. I'm always amazed at how everything gets done! It's a mystery!

After some reflection, the second half of this day is about planning. There's a lot to do in 5 weeks! I'll be creating a magazine cover for Concrete Network, a CD album cover for a church ministry in Africa, giving private art lessons to 3 different students, and painting for my grad show.

So, now that I can cross blogging off of my list, I'm going to sweep up the studio so I have somewhere to think.

I will be posting progress pics of all my projects, so please make another visit to Katy Betz Studio!


TheMightyMarcOfFullerton said...

Very cool, hope you have a great and productive winter break.

Where is your studio located? And do you think you could show your students' work?

Katy Betz said...

Hi Marc! I hope you have a nice break too. My studio is in Riverside! I was wondering about showing some student work - I think I should at least ask them permission, like Cliff did for us. I'm hoping to post some designs that some of them did, they were pretty cool.