Wednesday, December 22, 2010

As of late...

This first week of winter break has been awesome! I'm working with an 11 year old student, preparing her portfolio for the OSCHA audition in Feb/March. We've been putting in some intense hours designing, painting, and discussing composition (3 or 4 hours a day, and this kid is only 11!) I'm totally impressed and love working with someone so focused and passionate about art. In the evenings I've been teaching cycle (Spinning) at the gym and picking up a few extra classes from other instructors who had to leave town for the holidays. Fun full days! Feels great to work out after being cooped up all day, esp. with this all this crazy rain.

During my own studio time I've been working on a magazine cover commission for Concrete Network, some characters in scene for a Creative Director, and oil paintings for my Grad show (current piece in progress is "The Devourlings" coming soon).

I {might} be creating a T-shirt design for Viva La Art!'s clothing line for the Grammy's MusiCare foundation! I have some ideas in mind and can't wait to see what turns out. The details on this should be solidified soon, I'll let you know what comes of it.

So, the first week of Christmas break has been pretty darn good. I've been able to catch up on my reading with I cherish so much. My book list for the break is Van Gogh's Untold Journey by William Havlicek, Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck, and Color: A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finaly.

Only a few more days until Christmas! Have a blessed and merry day with family. I'll be celebrating Emmanuel, "God with us"!!!

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