Sunday, November 14, 2010

Indications of the holidays are all around, and a few come in the form of art shows. Each year, I look forward to Division 9 Gallery's "50 @ the 9" show, Sarah Bain Gallery's "Holiday Group Show", and the Riverside Art Museum's "Off the Wall" show, all of which are meant to provide collectors with an opportunity to buy art to give as presents. They make perfect little gifts!

 This year I have 4 pieces of art in the RAM's "Off the Wall" exhibition and sale. Here are two of the four: Charcoal on watercolor paper with a ornate trimmed border, floated on a 4x5 wood block.




lil kim said...

Hi Katy - I picked up your business card at the SCBWI conference in LA. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello (I know, I'm a bit slow...) -- your art is really beautiful! I hope you got some positive contacts out of the conference.

take care

Katy Betz said...

Hi Kim! How cool, I'm glad you stopped to say hello regardless of time. Thanks for your kind words too. I visited your website, WOW! You've done a lot of great projects. Hope to see you at next year's conference (do you plan on coming out here again?)