Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spider Magazine Sketches

These sketches are for Spider magazine's March '11 issue. My favorite thing about being an illustrator is getting a new assignment like this and doing research. I went to the college library and there were tons of books on Irish folklore and Leprechauns. So very interesting, I sometimes wish I could spend all my time reading.


Alice Young said...

Fun! What is something you found out about leprechauns? I want to know!

Katy Betz said...

The most curious thing I learned about Leprechauns is that they can use a rainbow as a sling weapon! They're of the Irish Fairey family and in the trade of making shoes. According to one book, they live in the underworld. By a misty stream, in the hollow of a tree, there will be a magical door leading to their home. They are extremely clever, and if you catch one (which is nearly impossible to do) they must grant you three wishes. <-those are just a few of the interesting facts that I found ;)

Julia Shahin Collard said...

Oh Katy, you would love the National Leprechaun Museum in Ireland! They have folklore graduate students from Trinity College come in and tell the stories live as you walk through these rooms that are sort of like movie sets. My favorite was a big room full of faux trees with red socks tied to them.

P.S. The sketches look great! It's awesome and admirable that you are able to keep up with submitting and working while also pursuing your degree!