Monday, September 6, 2010


The bad guys are here!
These little demons are the antagonists for my "Guardians of the Heart" story. Everything is evolving slowly into what it will ultimately become. Right now, I am calling these creatures the Satyrstitches.

I ordered an anatomical heart model to help me create a new stylized version of a heart for this story. I enjoy having things like this sit around the studio! The company that made this model has a huge catalog, and there's one model of a man's head where the upper half of his cranium is removed exposing his brains - disgusting and I totally want to buy it!!!

Last but not least, I went to PIP Printing to photocopy all my preliminary work and pinned the drawings up on the wall.
It really helps to see everything all at once. My goal for this week is to finalize 2 line drawings and do value studies on the computer so I can start painting. I'll post the progress as it happens.

Thanks for following!!


Alice Young said...

Katy! You are so motivated. I am so impressed and in awe of you! I love the character sketches you've done. And I want a heart. Please provide links to the great site you found the anatomical stuff from!

Katy Betz said...

Alice! Thank you, that means alot because today I was feeling so unmotivated (that's why I blogged, so I could say I did something, lol!) I got the heart on Amazon for $16 but the factory is Lake Forest Anatomicals. Here's the link =D: