Monday, September 6, 2010

Jean-Leon Gerome

 I made it out to the Getty Museum's exhibition on Jean-Leon Gerome! EXQUISITE!!! I was especially interested in Gerome's work after traveling to Morocco last summer. His paintings looked like my vacation photos! I had imagined Gerome's paintings to be huge, but to my surprise and delight they were quite medium-sized. Apparently they weren't made for some epic palace commission, but rather ethnographic documentation. Gerome must have had a collection of single-hair brushes, because some of the details are sooo tiny, it just leaves me in awe. Looking at some of the figures, I felt like I could reach in and pluck them right out of the scene, they were so real. They breathed. Every value was perfect to give the illusion of reality. I was thoroughly impressed, completely bewitched by the beauty of his paintings. The show is up until September 12th, it is a must see!!!

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