Sunday, September 26, 2010

To the Rescue!

I've been working every spare moment to paint my grad show pictures. So far I am moving at a steady pace, using class time to sketch and then painting in the studio late at night. Finally, I had my work critiqued this past Friday - it went pretty good! Lots of ideas and enthusiasm, suggestions and encouragement to keep pushing for more. I am excited!

Below are some work in progress pictures for the first truly "epic" piece of the series, seen here at about 30% complete. This piece is a close-up of the Guardians on their flying Narwhals. As a conceptual narrative fantasy series, it comes right after another painting that is also in progress (pics coming soon).

Meanwhile, I'm still thinking up a title for this one... any ideas?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Green and Purple Musicorns

These two paintings complete the series of 6 musicorns! I'm thinking of painting portraits of the demons next to set up both sides, the good team and the bad team so to speak. I've also decided I'm going to redo the Yellow Unicorn because I want all of them to look like children, and the Yellow Unicorn looks like a fat opera singer =P But that will happen at a later time. Right now, I need to keep making paintings! The do-overs can wait =)

Monday, September 6, 2010


The bad guys are here!
These little demons are the antagonists for my "Guardians of the Heart" story. Everything is evolving slowly into what it will ultimately become. Right now, I am calling these creatures the Satyrstitches.

I ordered an anatomical heart model to help me create a new stylized version of a heart for this story. I enjoy having things like this sit around the studio! The company that made this model has a huge catalog, and there's one model of a man's head where the upper half of his cranium is removed exposing his brains - disgusting and I totally want to buy it!!!

Last but not least, I went to PIP Printing to photocopy all my preliminary work and pinned the drawings up on the wall.
It really helps to see everything all at once. My goal for this week is to finalize 2 line drawings and do value studies on the computer so I can start painting. I'll post the progress as it happens.

Thanks for following!!

Jean-Leon Gerome

 I made it out to the Getty Museum's exhibition on Jean-Leon Gerome! EXQUISITE!!! I was especially interested in Gerome's work after traveling to Morocco last summer. His paintings looked like my vacation photos! I had imagined Gerome's paintings to be huge, but to my surprise and delight they were quite medium-sized. Apparently they weren't made for some epic palace commission, but rather ethnographic documentation. Gerome must have had a collection of single-hair brushes, because some of the details are sooo tiny, it just leaves me in awe. Looking at some of the figures, I felt like I could reach in and pluck them right out of the scene, they were so real. They breathed. Every value was perfect to give the illusion of reality. I was thoroughly impressed, completely bewitched by the beauty of his paintings. The show is up until September 12th, it is a must see!!!