Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic Con!

I finally got to go to Comic Con this year - my first time ever.
 Everyone warned me about the crowds, the freaky people dressed up in costume, the culture shock, etc. My overall response to it was: AWESOOOOME!!!  I drove down to San Diego on Friday morning, parked at Qualcomm stadium, rode the trolley to the convention's front door, hopped off and made my way through the madness. I feel like I can say, "Veni, Vidi, Vinci!" (I came, I saw, I conquered!) least as much as was possible to see and conquer in one day.

The whole reason I went to Comic Con was to volunteer at the Society of Illustrator's of LA booth. I got to hang out with SI-LA president, Scott Gandell, and tell people all about the Society. I met some really great folks, several of them well-established illustrators and others brand new. I also got to explore the entire convention (which took several hours, due to the amount of people clogging the was difficult to walk normally, especially when people would stop in their tracks mid-step to watch a giant television screen exploding with some epic sci-fi scene...a cause for many collisions).

Highlights were meeting illustrators like Tara McPherson, Cory Godbey, and the people at Mark Murphy books. Some of my favorites were there such as Gallery Nucleus, along with major book publishers like Scholastic, Penguin, and Random House. I wish I had brought a huge wad of cash and a friend who likes to shop! I'll be planning a day like that for next year.... =)
Here are a few snapshots that I took. Enjoy!

"What does this picture have to do with Comic Con?"  you might be asking...
Well...I happened to make friends with the First-Aid paramedics while waiting in the foyer for my badge so I could go inside. They invited me to sit down, we chatted for a half an hour, and I gave them my business card (shameless self-promotion). It's the first rule of thumb when attending conventions this big: 1. Befriend men in (real) uniforms.

Marshal Vandruff had a booth with Justin Sweet.

Tara McPherson's booth (although that is not her in the pic).
She is a quintessential Artist as Brand.
More of Tara McPherson's merch. TONS of inventory! 

Goat lady playing on the Cintiq - I WANT ONE!

Some little kid's dream come true.

So much cool stuff at this booth! 
Jeff Soto was there doing a mag signing of the new issue.

My view from the SI-LA booth

Giant superheroes were everywhere!

Is it just me, or does My Little Pony not really look like a pony anymore?
Transformers!!! This one was my favorite =)

Speaks for itself! 

Zombies are sooo back. 

And, at this point I was overwhelmed.

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this looks like so much fun!!! You've been having an awesome, inspirational summer - so cool. :)