Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eventful weekend past

It's mid week and I'm finally getting around to blogging about the busy weekend that just past! 
Saturday, June 12 was a full day of socializing with artists, collectors, advocates, and friends. I attended two events that evening: Laguna College of Art & Design's annual fundraiser event called "Collector's Choice" and FIND magazine's showcase exhibition in Costa Mesa. But, before hitting up these events, I stopped by the Laguna Culinary Arts wine & cheese cafe to hang a painting! I love this place! It's quaint has delicious food, and also offers cooking classes. The owner, Nancy Milby, is an amazing woman, chef, artist, collector, and traveler. If you're down in the Laguna Beach area, you should stop in for a glass of wine and a bite of cheese, and take a look at my painting -

The Composer
24x48, oil on canvas
Available for Purchase! Call me at 951) 215-6885 if you're interested.

Ok, back to the events...
Collector's Choice was fabulous! There was a huge turnout and top of the line artwork up for raffle, silent and live auction. Professional artists and LCAD alumns donated work to help raise money for LCAD student scholarships, programs, and equipment. I donated a small piece from my Bee Attitude series...
Blessed are the Humble, for they Shall Inherit the Earth

Unfortunately I don't know who took home this piece because I had to leave early in order to make it to the next event...which was FIND Art Magazine's showcase exhibition. I heard about FIND magazine from Greg Spalenka when I was taking his Artist as Brand workshop. The founder/publisher is Neight Adamson, who started the little mag (literally 5x7 in size) to expose and promote artists.
The show was fun, lots of cool artwork and friendly people (there was a taco truck too!)

The highlight for me was meeting legendary surf artist, Drew Brophy. I've been into the surf scene since high school and since have seen his artwork all over boards, skate decks, shoes, clothes, in magazine ads, and in museums! Drew graciously spent time talking with us, and I got to meet his wife, Maria, who works as his business manager. She has an awesome blog aimed specifically for artists and their careers. They were both the sweetest and inspiring couple! Be sure to check out Maria Brophy's Blog! Below are pics of the entrance to the FIND gallery space and a pic of me and Drew Brophy (with his rad art in the background).

So - that was Saturday. On Sunday, I rested (ha!) then attended the Anaheim chapter of Dr. Sketchy's, hosted by Rothick art haus. What a fun night! The theme was "Doll Face", and we had a cute model named Phoebe L'amour (who looks like Sandra Bullock if you ask me). As usual, emcee and artist Glenn Arthur made us giggle and loosen up, and I got a few nice drawings from the session.  It just felt really good to sit there and draw and be in the company of other artist friends!
Take a look:
these are 5 minutes

20 minute poses

30 minute pose

the 45 minute grand finale pose! 

...And there's a look at the activities of last weekend. 
This weekend's agenda involves a show at Rothick on Saturday night. But, I am actually registered to take a Spin Instruction Certification class that day! I have been a cycle enthusiast for several years (spinning for 8 years and road cycling for just 2 years) and I think it would be so fun to teach a few classes. Wish me luck! It's a 9 hour session with two cycle rides, then I have to take an assessment test, then audition! I'll let you know how it goes.. =D

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lost Ones: Ghosts of Paris Book Cover

I recently finished a book cover for a project I've been working on with Zittaw Press. The book is a YA fiction novel called Lost Ones: Ghosts of Paris, written by Christie Franke.

Here are a few pics of my production process. 
After sketching out ideas, I made a final line drawing of the one I liked the best....

I also set up still life objects to help me see details:

Next, I scanned in the drawing and did a quick value study in Photoshop, using placeholder text to make sure there was enough room for a title...

I then made a version by hand in charcoal. 
I enjoy making an actual black and white piece. It allows me to work from a tighter value drawing and make further adjustments as I go...


I scanned this charcoal drawing into the computer, printed it out onto paper, then glued the paper to illustration board...

From this point I began to lay in thin washes of acrylic, painting more opaquely as I went...

...eventually reaching a stopping point when the piece looked finished!

The book will be available to purchase in October of this year!!
You can stay up to date on the progress and learn more about Lost Ones: Ghost's of Paris by joining the Facebook Group!