Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Painting!

I just finished another piece of my new series! I'm calling this one "Unicloud" for now. I realized as I've been working on this series that I am being subconsciously influenced by by childhood memories! I am a girl of the 1980's, which means I watched shows like the Care bears, Rainbow Bright, Unico, My Little Pony, and Punky Brewster. No wonder I love painting unicorns and rainbows!  

But, this new series has much more to do with the mysteries of our hearts than just magical nostalgia. I am trying to understand and interpret what goes on inside of us in a very fanciful way. Stories and myths are one of the best ways to parallel the deeper, unsearchable issues of life. I seem to be able to grasp the abstract a little bit better when I put it into an epic storyline context. 

That said, I am brewing up a story to go with these paintings. My process works a little differently, however. Right now I am turning my sketches into little paintings, and letting them tell me the story as I go, verses writing out the entire story and then illustrating it. I find this "backward" approach to be more intuitive and liberating. It's a given that things and characters will change, but creating these paintings documents that evolution process. 


passport in my pocket said...

I adore taking a peak into the evolution of art. It's so fascinating - especially because I am not talented in that way, so I can admire your skills!! :) I love this new piece. And great move to Blogger- site looks good!

Christie Franke said...

This is such a gorgeous piece, Katy. And welcome to Blogger!